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Кто его ждал? Все. Кто знал о том что его объявят на VGA? Никто.
Ну то что Скайрим будет следующей провинцией это уже давно известно, ибо скрыть регистрацию доменов то не получится, а Беседка давно ещё зарегила себе это имя.
Что мы имеем? Пафосный ролик и горстку сюжета для копания.

Текст из ролика:

You should have acted.
They're already here.
The Elder Scrolls told of their return.
Their defeat was merely a delay.
Til the time after Oblivion opened.
When the sons of Skyrim would spill their own blood. But no one wanted to believe.
Believe they even existed. And when the truth finally dawns: It dawns in fire.
There's one they fear.
In their tongue, he's [Dovahkiin]
Dragon Born!

Мне лень рассуждать самому целиком, потому вот некоторые пояснения по ролику. Основа в спойлерне.

Хотя новый император настораживает, учитывая что события игры будут после событий книги, а это 200 лет.
Но чему удивляться, Тайбер Септим то тоже нордом был. Пугает что опять вылезла НЁХ и возможно в ролике есть Акулахан О.о Много символов там вообще, символ Врат, грейберд(или Тайбер Септим? Шезарр?) с двумя мужиками, цитадель..
Краткие выводы пока дают ответ, что во первых драконы ещё живы(кто бы сомневался), во вторых не говорите мне, что МК опять собирается впихнуть нового энантиоморфа. Нам их и так хватате. Но драгонборн внезапно взявшийся из ниоткуда это вам не просто так.
Ставлю полкопейки,что кто то пробудил драконов(культ очередной или даэдра опять развлекаются), а ГГ это драгонборн, который их будет выпиливать. Или ГГ опять левый кто то, и ему нужно будет стать драгонборном, привет Нереваринам. Скорее всего так, ибо генерация перса же. Плохо то, что я ничего конкретного не могу сказать по этому, ибо в лоре нет намёков на это. Хотя стоит наверное проштудировать легенды нордов, ответ скорее всего там.
Акавирец точно что то знает.

Who are "they?"
Most obviously, dragons. However, this is not exactly a satisfactory explanation. The Tamrielic dragons, like Nafalilaargus in Redguard, were not defeated and nothing in lore suggests that they would be coming back in a dramatic, dangerous fashion. We also have no historical record of them ever terrorizing Tamriel. If they really are just strait up dragons, it could be a retcon or a gap in our lore knowledge. Other possibilities include the more metaphorical:

Tsaesci/Akaviri - they have been defeated in the past, and their coming back would be dangerous and dramatic. Dragons are also said to originate from Akavir. However, Akavir is not exactly near Skyrim. I am also unsure as to why the Akaviri (well acquainted with Dragons, Immortal Vampire Snakemen, and God-Tiger-Dragons) would be afraid of the Dragonborn. Their existence is not exactly disputed, either.

Akatosh - the Dragon Lord of Time, and Nordic Alduin, that is "World Eater." He is the destroyer of worlds, and perhaps the Nord's biggest 'enemy' (as much as a Shiva-like god can be an enemy). "They" being multiple makes this less plausible, though it could refer to his multitude of underlings (including the Jills, or time-mending lady dragons). I doubt that the Nords don't believe he existed.

The Empire - dragons are their symbol, and they were defeated, and are set to come back. The sheer amount of gravitas granted to this event makes this an unlikely explanation. Again, their existence is not disputed. However, the nature of their divine right to rule (their dragon status) probably is.

It could of course be some sort of combination of these, like an Akaviri Emperor who is mantling Talos. Or It could be someone we've never heard of before.

Who is the Dragonborn?
"Dragon Born" is used to refer to the Cyrodil Emperors, due to their being 'born' from the Alessian covenant with Akatosh. While the Septim empire has fallen, we know that at least one (that of Titus Mede) has taken its place since. The Imperial armor on the man makes Imperial origin almost certain. Dragons are also associated with Akavir and with time, so "Dragon Born" could could be Akaviri or an avatar/embodiment/child of Akatosh (like a Shezarine, but with Akatosh).

Tiber Septim (anon Talos, anon Ysmir) is the emperor most often associated with the dragon sigil. He is also the patron of empire and conquest.

His being shown strongly suggests that the player will once again take a supporting role in TESV, since the hero (the Dragon Born) is established as male and mustachio'd. It is also possible that the Dragonborn will be reincarnated in/ mantled by the player.

«Central figure has something on the palm of his left hand. Maybe an eye? The left hand is a symbol of power in lore. I assume he is a graybeard.
The left figure is actually a mage. He holds a staff and is casting a spell.
The right figure has some sort of pole arm and a lot of tentacle hair things coming out from all over the place.

Thats definitely Akulakhan in the top-right. Next to it is both an Oblivion gate and a citadel tower above it.

There are three people, two male and one female, line up to the left of the Dragonborn, dressed in the same armor as he.
Above the Dragonborn's helm is a strange symbol. Flat at the bottom, with two curved hands coming out and a three-pronged shape in between.

Ну и конечно, выход запланирован на 11.11.11
Пафосноъ. Эпичноъ. Ждём.
А я пойду зарываться в лор.. Ответ должен быть где то.

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